Entrees & Sides



Almond Crusted Trout  

 Pan fried almond trout topped with a brown butter beurre blanc.

Ginger Salmon
Grilled Salmon

Ginger marinated salmon, seared and topped with a blackberry glaze.

 Topped with a mustard Beurre Blanc.

Pan Fried, topped with a citrus cream sauce.

Herb Crusted Halibut
Salmon Wellington

Salmon baked in puff pastry served with a creamy herb sauce. 


Bruschetta Chicken

Pan- seared boneless chicken marinated in balsamic vinegar, topped with melted mozzarella, tomatoes, parmesan, and basil with a balsamic glaze drizzle.  

French Chicken 

Pan seared chicken with a mushroom cream sauce

Chicken Enchiladas

Shredded chicken baked in corn tortilla with homemade enchilada sauce and shredded cheese. Served with sour cream. 

Cranberry Chicken 

Boneless grilled chicken breast marinaded in an apple, orange thyme mixture topped with a sweet cranberry chutney.

Fried Chicken

served with gravy

Stuffed Chicken

An herb Spinach stuffed chicken breast, baked and served with a sun-dried tomato cream sauce.

Kung Pao Chicken

Diced chicken breast cooked in a kung pao sauce, served over rice

Lemon Chicken

Boneless chicken cooked in a lemon garlic marinade

Southwest Chicken 

Boneless chicken breast breaded in panko and south western spices, filled with green chilies and topped with a pepper jack mornay. 

Turkey Lasaga

Tomato, Turkey Sausage, Ground Turkey, Marinara, Cheese

Teriyaki Chicken

Seared chicken topped with teriyaki sauce

Pork & Beef

Honey Lime Pork

Pork marinaded in a honey lime sauce

Grilled Beef Tenderlion

Dry-rubbed tenderloin grilled, topped with red wine demi

Slow Smoked BBQ Pork

Slow cooked pulled BBQ pork

BBQ Brisket

Smoked BBQ brisket topped with house-made BBQ 

Mongolian Beef

Pan seared beef served in Mongolian sauce

Pan Seared Pork Chops

Pan seared chops topped with au jus 

Seared Beef Tenderloin

Seared beef tenderloin topped with french onion au jus

Pork Stir Fry

ginger spiced diced pork served in sauce

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