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Coming soon: Afternoon Tea

It’s hard to find calm and relaxation in the busy world we live in today. Why not celebrate life with the ultimate indulgence and… throw a tea party! Afternoon tea is a fabulous way to pamper yourself, family and friends. It breaks up the day and staves those midday hunger cravings indulging in some good old-fashioned conversation.

Introduced in the 1840s Britain, afternoon tea, was a tea related ritual which transformed into a hunger staving mini meal. Started by the 7th duchess of Bedford who complained of being hungry 4 hours before dinner time. Her solution came from snacking on a light meal with a pot of tea. This snack evolved into a private social event but didn’t become a large scale formal occasion until Queen Victoria took part, dubbing it ‘tea reception’. Nowadays, afternoon tea is enjoyed during a special event.

Special Thyme Catering is proud to present a different experience in the way of enjoying food. An elegant array of finger sandwiches, sweet cakes, pastries, scones and more. Accompanied by your choice of Awakened one’s tea, made from fresh natural ingredients. Let us bring the taste of England to your home.

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